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As you may have guessed, dental professionals don’t exactly endorse tongue piercings and other oral cosmetic alterations because they can lead to complications and infections of the mouth. However, the trend of tongue piercings is certainly on the rise as people continue to find creative ways to express their individuality. But, what will a tongue piercing mean for your dental health? If you have a tongue piercing, you’ll want to take some special steps to ensure that your oral hygiene is not negatively affected by it.

Most people with tongue piercings choose to leave the piercing in full-time since the hole will close up and heal rather quickly if the piercing is removed, but this can lead to tooth movement. By having the constant pressure of your piercing against your teeth, your teeth will (over time) begin shifting. This can lead to bite misalignment and even gaps between your teeth.

A much more common result, however, is chipping and cracking of the teeth caused by the tongue piercing. When talking or eating, it’s very simple to bump your piercing up against your teeth. Depending on the piercing and the tooth you hit (along with the angle and portion you hit), this can chip or crack your tooth. Sound impossible? The risk becomes much higher if your teeth have already experienced some level of decay that has weakened their integrity.

Bacterial infections are another aspect you’ll want to consider if you have a tongue piercing. Proper cleaning and upkeep are necessary to help maintain good oral hygiene. If you have questions about this, talk to your dentist at your next appointment. They can help you address any questions you may have about preventing infections and other issues caused by the piercing.

If you are considering a tongue piercing in Woodbridge, visit our dental team and learn more about the effect this could have on your oral health.

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